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Key Word: Domain Name: Client Contact Name:
  Project Name Client Name (Company) Domain Name Subdomain Server Malware Details
A Breach of Trust
Agent IT Solutions Agent IT Solutions Tailfish 5
AGResearch AGResearchinfo Tailfish 3
Amega Mounts Amega Mounts Tailfish 3
Antler Home Center Antler Housing Tailfish 6
Antler Housing Antler Housing Tailfish 6
Antler Insurance Antler Home Center Tailfish 6
Arcus Group Arcus Group Tailfish 8
Athens Partners Athens Partners Tailfish 4
Athens Partners 2015 BUILD Athens Partners Tailfish 7
Atlantis Tax Atlantis Tax Tailfish 8
AWH, PLLC Tailfish 6
Bailey Heard Tailfish 9
Barnett Shale Water Company Barnett Shale Water Company / Pavlik Tailfish 7
Barron Companies The Barron Companies Tailfish 8
Beckmen Crystal Tailfish 7
Beckmen Law Firm Beckmen Law Firm Tailfish 6
Belden Street Montessori School Belden Street Montessori School Other
Benefits Consulting Group – BCGHR Benefits Consulting Group Tailfish 3
Big Country Camp Big Country Baptist Assembly Tailfish 7
Brotherhood of Christian Aggies Brotherhood of Christian Aggies Tailfish 7
Bruner & Pappas Bruner & Pappas Tailfish 7
Camp Kiowa Camp Kiowa Other
Carstens and Cahoon, LLP ( Carstens & Cahoon, LLP Tailfish 6
Construction Management Advisors Construction Management Advisors Tailfish 7
Crawler 4×4 Crawler 4x4 Other
Creuzot Law Firm The Creuzot Law Firm Tailfish 3
Custer Road Christian Day School Custer Road United Methodist Church Tailfish 3
Custer Road UMC Custer Road United Methodist Church Tailfish 3
Custer Road UMC Youth Custer Road United Methodist Church Youth Tailfish 3
D&S Engineering D&S Engineering Tailfish 3
Dallas Intellectual Property Attorney Carsten and Cahoon Tailfish 3
Digital Torah Josh McDowell Ministry Tailfish 8
Dom Gear DomGear (Haire Law) Tailfish 4
Don Reynolds Pavlik and Associates Tailfish 5
Dr. Christy Caffey-Earle Dr. Christy Caffey-Earle (DDS) Tailfish 6
Eleventh Avenue Church Eleventh Avenue Church Other
Estes Okon Estes Okon Tailfish Mocha Evan Jones Tailfish 3
First Check Applicant Screening First Check Data Tailfish 6
Fort Worth Police Awards Foundation Pavlik and Associates Tailfish 5
Friends 4 Heart Friends 4 Heart Tailfish 2
FrogBands FrogBands Tailfish 5
Gain (Global Aid Network) Global Aid Network (GAiN) Tailfish 3
Goodson Engineering Goodson Engineering Tailfish 5
Goodson Engineering NEW BUILD Goodson Engineering Tailfish 7
Grandi Home & Design Company Grandi Mortgage Services Tailfish 6
Greenwell Engineering Greenwell Engineering Tailfish 3
Gunter Land Services Gunter Land Services Tailfish 3
Health Subsidy Helpers Health Subsidy Helper Tailfish 4
Heartland Capital Group Heartland Capital Group Tailfish 8
Hearts for Homes Hearts for Homes Tailfish 5
Heather N. Patterson Tailfish 9
Heroic Truth Josh McDowell Ministry Tailfish 9
Hunter’s Helping Hands Hunter's Helping Hands Tailfish 7
Immanuel Lutheran Church Immanuel Lutheran Church Tailfish Mocha
Immanuel Lutheran Church (2016) Immanuel Lutheran Church Tailfish 6
Insight Research Insight Research Corporation Tailfish 8
Integrated HR Solutions Benefits Consulting Group Tailfish 3
John Hunter Homebuilders John Hunter Homebuilders Tailfish 6
Josh McDowell Josh McDowell Ministry Other
Josh Talks Josh McDowell Ministry Tailfish 3
Kanakuk Institute Kanakuk Institute Tailfish 5
Kelsi Reich Kelsi Reich Tailfish 8
Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Tailfish 4
Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Belize Site Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Tailfish 9
Kingdom Tribe Kanakuk Institute Tailfish 7 Tailfish 6
Lauren Oney Lauren Oney Tailfish 9
Liberty Youth Association – LYA Liberty Youth Football Association Tailfish 7
Little Square Candles Little Square Candles Other
Locker Talk Sports Sports Edits 11 Tailfish 4
Lone Star Pharmaceutical Lone Star Pharmaceuticals Tailfish 6
Lori Quinn Lori Quinn Tailfish 6
Macdonald Devin Macdonald Devin
Marcus Golf Marcus High School Golf Booster Club Tailfish 6
Maricela Moore Law The Law Office of Maricela Moore Tailfish 6
MaxNet Security MaxNet Security Tailfish 7
MBL-Title Redington Solutions Tailfish 3
Ministry Innovators Ministry Innovators Tailfish 3
ML Group ML Group Tailfish 3
Monograms R Us (Flash Site) Monograms R Us Tailfish 7
New Goodson Engineering Site (2015) Goodson Engineering Tailfish 6
Ninth Wing Capital Ninth Wing Capital Tailfish 6
Noble Classic Homes Noble Classic Homes Tailfish 4
NT Children’s Choir North Texas Children's Choir Tailfish 3
O’Brien Realty Advisors O'Brien Realty Tailfish 8
Pavlik & Associates Pavlik and Associates Tailfish 5
Pi Squared Pizza Pi Squared Pizza Tailfish 3
Pixel Perfect Blog Pixel Perfect Photo Blog Tailfish 5
Plano Community Band Plano Community Band Tailfish 6
Possum Kingdom Lake Association PK Lake Association Tailfish 7
Premier Gun Show Premier Gun Show Tailfish 4 Premier Gun Shows Tailfish 7
Prince Henry Group Prince Henry Group Tailfish 5
Providential Custom Homes Providential Custom Homes Tailfish 7
RC Works RC Works Tailfish 4
Redington Solutions Redington Solutions Tailfish 5
Rockpointe Church Rockpointe Church Tailfish 3
Salado Whiskey Salado Whiskey Tailfish 6
Self Defense Fund Pavlik and Associates Other
Set Free Conference Josh McDowell Ministry Tailfish 6 Shade Works of Texas Tailfish 6
Sizelove Construction Sizelove Construction TailfishApp Server
Space Planning Specialists Space Planning Specialists Tailfish 7
Spill Containment Resources Keco Tailfish 3
Sun 2015 Rebuild Tailfish 6
Sun Crane and Hoist Sun Crane and Hoist
Susan Hodges – Author Web Site Pavlik and Associates Tailfish 6
Tailfish Solutions Tailfish Solutions Tailfish 4
Tailfish Tickets Tailfish Solutions Tailfish 4
Tax Property Consultants Tax Property Consultants Tailfish 7
Teen Challenge Harrisburg Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Philadelphia Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Sandhills Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Syracuse Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Training Centers Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Western NY Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Teen Challenge Western PA Teen Challenge Training Center Tailfish 3
Temsco Temsco Tailfish 4
Terra Testing Terra Testing, LLC Tailfish 6
The Daily Diamond The Daily Diamond
The Great Need The Great Need Tailfish 4
The Manor Bed & Breakfast The Manor Bed and Breakfast Tailfish 6
The Morris Foundation The Morris Foundation Tailfish 7
The Optics Place The Optics Place Tailfish 3 Tom Shiflet Tailfish 7
Trio Craft Coffee Trio Craft Coffee Tailfish 5
Van Trease Construction Tailfish 4
Wonderish Mama Joules Freiboth Tailfish 5
Wright Group Architects and Planners Wright Group Tailfish 8
XP Metro Conference Westside Baptist Church Tailfish 9
Zoombang Zoombang Tailfish 2