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Please join us. Josh McDowell Ministry works hard to provide innovative solutions for influencers around the world to effectively lead their young people and congregations into a relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

When you help Josh McDowell Ministry you extend our reach…and help us change the world! Every donation makes a difference. Every prayer makes a difference. Every share makes a difference. Read Changed Life Stories.

Equipping Egyptian Pastors & Churches

Egypt is in crisis. Christians are being persecuted. Believers discouraged and non-believers disillusioned. The nation is crying for a Savior!

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Providing Good News for Those Who Need Freedom in Jesus

Help rip back the veil of shame that covers much of the Middle East, and expose the land of the Bible to the God of the Bible.

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Student Connect Packs

This side of heaven, you may never meet the young men or women whose hearts you touch today.

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